Did Sony Kill The Sony a9 With The Sony a7RIII?

The release of the Sony a7RIII has some Sony a9 users looking for more, but it’s unlikely Sony will deliver. In a recent interview, Sony stated that they would rather dedicate resources towards new camera development than doing big firmware updates, but with Sony delivering two distinct lines of professional cameras they should seriously reconsider this policy so that flagship cameras remain flagship. Fujifilm has successfully updated their expansive line of cameras pretty dramatically at times and their users love them for it.

While I do not believe the Sony a7RIII will kill the Sony a9, I think it will prevent users that do not need the a9 from overspending on a camera that is entirely too fast for most photographers. The Sony a7RIII is a more well-rounded camera for most photographers and probably a better value, due to its design, but the Sony a9’s buffer depth and shooting speed is simply unmatched and if you are photographing action you can never get enough speed. The Sony a9 is a well-rounded camera, but it’s really at home with moving subjects, while the Sony a7RIII is far better for studio work.

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  • animalsbybarry

    I do not think the A7Riii kills the A9
    I would never buy the A9
    I would buy the A7Riii but only if they also release something like the 200-600 F4.5-5.6 Barry Beast

  • pyktures

    If the A7r3 had “mRAW and sRAW” options… yup

  • Azmodan

    No, maybe if the A7RIII had a stacked sensor and didn’t suffer from large rolling shutter, it would be an A9 killer. No ones needs 20fps, 15fps would have been more than enough and 10fps is adequate for 99% of stuff. Most camera makers are pathetic at providing fw upgrades that are anything but bug fixes. Fuji is a standout but sad to see Sony say we’d rather sell you a new camera than improve that $4.5K camera you just bought

  • TheName

    The A9 seems to have been dead on arrival. People are dumping them in anticipation of the A7rIII.