TCSTV: Sony DSC-R1 Unsung Cameras of Yesteryear

The Camera Store TV published a throwback episode of one of the first mirrorless cameras the Sony DSC-R1. This was a pretty exceptional camera, featuring an APS-C sensor and waste level style viewfinder LCD that many would love to have today. They are actually still available today used on Amazon for a very reasonable price if you really want a digital waste level viewfinder camera and I have to say I find the colors very pleasing compared to modern Sony colors. Maybe Sony can build a modern DSC-R1 with a full frame sensor and superzoom like the RX10. That would be an incredibly interesting camera to own.

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  • Mato

    “waste level” viewfinder? Is that some kind of innovation for shooting from the floor, where waste is usually found lying? I’ve heard of waist level finders, but this one gets me interested…