Sigma and Tamron Discontinuing Sony A-mounts Lenses in The Near Future?

Photorumors reported that Sigma and Tamron might be discontinuing their A-mount lenses a few months ago. B&H Photo currently has 20 Sigma lenses for Sony A-mount. Similarly, B&H Photo currently has 28 Tamron lenses for Sony A-mount.There hasn’t really been any development of A-mount beyond the a99II for a while now so maybe A-mount will continue to limp along if 2nd hand sales remain strong. It’s still widely believed that Sony A-mount will be discontinued in the near future, but there will be a large legacy lens lineup available for years to come.

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  • That’s kind of the point… other sites are passing off news from sites I’m affiliated with as new… I clearly said it’s a few months old. These sites often pass off our sites old news as something new with a slight twist sometimes, but nothing to back it up and then they will report it was canceled etc… They also say a reader told them x when really they are just scrapping competitors… So I’m simply reported a photorumors news report properly and accurately to point it out…

  • David Wallis

    Shooting Sony A mount, the A99ii’s for weddings and will be shooting them for atleast 10 years. A Mount will still be used by me. Sony cant phase out A mount until E mount can fully be used professionally for paid work. The A9 is close but still isnt there yet