RAVPower USB Battery Charger

RAV Power has a pretty useful USB battery charging system for Sony photographers on the go that allows them to use lithium-ion battery packs to charge their NP-FW50 batteries. The RAV system looks very useful for travel and the ability to use any battery power pack you want with the charger will let you increase your power storage density over time.

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  • james Alex Grady

    I have had this sort of travel charging set up for years, all you need is a reasonably powerful USB battery charger and an appropriate USB charger for you battery. The chargers come in for a couple of dollars/pounds on the big auction site with Sony cams that accept USB charging you can use the battery to charge in cam at the same time.

    • I would imagine in camera charging wouldn’t be as fast as charging via these kinds of chargers.

      • james Alex Grady

        I have not really tested, I have a portable battery pack and a multiple out put mains USB charger for travel as you frequently only have one power point in hotels etc. So I can charge a multiple amount of batteries at the same time but its done over night.

        • Well I know AC charging is better for battery health, but DC battery charging comes down to efficiency and density. Also fully charging batteries isn’t the best for their health etc… There are lots of odd best practices you can put into place and it would be great if there was a smart charger that let you really maximize the life and charge rate of your batteries.

          I haven’t spent a lot of time exploring these kinds of portable options because I am rarely away from power, but if I were I would probably find a giant solar panel solution or something overkill. I am not a fan of being without power for long.