DPReview: Sony a99 Mark II

An interesting review by DPReview because you can’t compare the results directly to any other camera in their database and the AF performance isn’t very impressive in their test. DPReview’s results differ from other reviews that have demonstrated much better performance.

“the a99 II is the ultimate SLT. It is the SLT that should be used by any photographers that have had prior doubts about the system, as its all-round balance of features and capabilities leave the ultimate decision for many photographers up to two things: EVF vs. OVF, and the lens system. For those that love SLT, the a99 II is definitely worth a look, but for those that need a solid all-rounder, or a lens selection beyond A-mount, the complications of SLT may not be worth the advantages.”

At least the image quality hold up well. You can read their full review here.

Sony Alpha a99 Mark II B&H Photo/Amazon/Adorama

Via DPReview

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  • Neopulse

    The only setback that it has is the video functionality bit that definitely can get fixed in a firmware update easily. Plus the buffer it has is pretty amazing although the memory cards it would have been better having been UHS-II.

    • SLT as a technology has sever limitations for video. So I’m not sure if they can fix the video issues, but the rest could be improved. I feel they lowered the score more than necessary though.

      • Neopulse

        The original A99 as I recall had great video (1080p though) and performed well. Why not this one?

        • Great for it’s time… but the aperture limitation with video still existed etc… Today the expectations are different. Kind of like when the Canon HV20 brought about 24p in a consumer camera for the first time. You had to process the video to get try 24p, but the end product was amazing at the time. Today no one would go through the trouble.

      • FuryPhotog

        What are the “severe limitations for video” that are inherent to SLT technology?

        • f3.5 locked during AF, which has been there since SLT cameras started doing video. Slight loss of light, which I have never liked. I also find the footage to be slightly softer. All of it has been tied back to the SLT mirror in the past.

          • George Ross

            Would shooting video without AF allow Program mode or Manual mode to function normally?

    • FuryPhotog

      I think as far as DPR is concerned, the largest setback is that it doesn’t have a Nikon or Canon badge on the front.