Newsshooter on Sony a99 Mark II

Same chip as the a7RII but different front end LSI that helps with speed and image quality. S-Log 3 and higher frame rates are the advantages over the A7 along with gamma assists. Not at liberty to say if the a7RII will get S-Log 3 in the future.

A mount translucent mirror focusing uses a hybrid phase detection system and affectively the 79 hybrid points are cross type points because of the way they work. There is also a new menu system that should be better than past Sony menu systems. Lets hope that they patch this into the a7 series.

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  • Duncan Dimanche

    3600€….. that is expensive sony !!

  • animalsbybarry

    A mount is dead
    Sony killed it
    Nothing Sony can do will bring it back to life

    • I kind of feel like anyone that liked this system sold all their glass a long time ago and Sony only made this camera to try to get Canon/Nikon people to switch, but it was the wrong move. They aren’t going to jump ship for a DSLR like experience with a OVF.

      They should have built an A9 with a Leica SL like build or made an A9 medium format camera like Fuji…