Sony a6300 Overheating Solved

There are now two reports that firmware 1.10 has addressed the Sony a6300‘s overheating issue. So shooting 4k for up to 30 minutes should be problem free under normal conditions.


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  • Steve from Ohio

    According to Sony, the 1.10 update will not fix the 4k video overheating issue. I did the update and found that it helped but not cure overheating. I do get more time, about 45 minutes vs 20 minutes, before I get the overheat warning. I’ve done other mods to get a handle on the overheating issue……Smallrig camera cage, faster SDXC card, added an aluminum plate to the exterior to carry away the heat, external battery, etc.
    All as a group seems to have helped. I still get the warning on a hot sunny day. It just takes longer for the problem to show up.