The 50mm Zeiss Planar Tops The Zeiss Otus

Planar vs Otus
image courtesy of Lensrentals

Lens rentals tested the new Sony FE Planar T* 50mm f/1.4 ZA and came up with some very impressive results that include the 50mm Zeiss Planar having lower lens variation than the Sony 55mm F1.8 Sonnar T* FE ZA. The Planar is also better than the Otus in the center, while only falling a little behind the Otus around halfway to the center, which they provide an answer for

One note about that ‘halfway sag’ for both of you who actually read the articles and don’t just look at the graphs. This may be an artifact of sensor cover glass. We are limited to a full mm cover glass increments when testing, so for Sony lenses we use 2mm, which is close, but not exactly the same optical thickness as what covers the sensor. (It’s probably about 0.25 thicker). We generally don’t think of a 0.25mm difference as significant for SLRs, but that may not be absolutely true with the short back-focus distance of the FE mount. In other words, the Sony lens may actually be a bit better than what we see here. Or they may not, we aren’t certain yet.” 

It looks like Sony has released their first lens to punch way above its price point. I can’t wait to see how it compares to my Sumilux.

Via Lensrentals

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  • Impressive performance.

  • Neopulse

    Can’t wait to save up for one.

  • Neopulse
    • sperdynamite

      Things at Schneider must not be great overall. I do remember that announcement, and I also remember that they announced that they were going to make a line of high performance primes for micro 4/3rds. They specifically stated that they were canning the m43rds lenses but I haven’t heard them say that about these, though one can assume they did. It’s a pretty poor sign when you formally announce lenses and then fail to follow through. It looks like they’re trying to be Zeiss but not pulling it off. Not saying they don’t have the optical chops, just that they don’t actually bring products that people want, to market. The only thing I’ve seen them make is the 28mm tilt/shift lens that almost nobody buys. Hopefully their cinema, scientific/industrial, and eye glass ventures are sustaining them just fine.