Sony Lens Firmware Updates?

Sony July 2016 Firmware

Sony released firmware updates for a few FE lenses that seem to have been pulled for an unknown reason. The links below reflect the July firmware updates, but when you click through to the downloads only the March firmware updates are available. Version 02 also reflects the March firmware updates.

35mm f/1.4 FE firmware download
35mm f/2.8 FE firmware download
55mm FE firmware download
24-70mm FE firmware download
28-70mm FE firmware download
70-200mm FE firmware download

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  • Jimmy Goodwood

    I just tried the links and the Mac OS X versions are showing the July downloads.

    • It says that, but it’s the March download of v2. I just re downloaded for my lenses and it’s still March v2. They had v3 out for a little bit, but it’s gone now.

      • Jimmy Goodwood

        The download for the 35 f2.8 is a version 3. The filename is Update_SEL35F28ZV3D.dmg. The one for the other lenses appears to be the version 2 (and the same file for all of the lenses) but that is what was there as soon as they released them yesterday.

        • 3 was available for a short time. Also the download page was changed several times. I’v been checking my lenses and noticed the changes. Either way strange release. I wish Sony would offer up additional clarity like Fujifilm does.

      • Jimmy Goodwood

        I will update the 35 f2.8 with the V3 file, but I think i will wait for the others until it becomes more clear whats going on.