Potential Sony A6300 Overheating Solutions

It seems like more people are encountering overheating issues while recording 4k with summer rolling around in the Northern hemisphere. Here is one persons potential solution for the a6300 overheating that utilizes a smallrig cage.

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  • HD10

    I have been using suggestion numbers 1 to 3 with the NEX and these work well to extend shooting times. I would add what is possibly another suggestion to that given on the video – blow into the battery compartment after removing the battery before putting in a new battery to further dissipate the heated air inside the battery compartment.

    Suggestion number 4 (external fan) is not viable for me but suggestion number 5 (external cage that also acts as a heat sink) sounds like a good option for those who need a longer shooting time.

    Yet one needs to look at these fixes to the overheating problem of the Sony NEX from another perspective. I have used several Panasonic GH camera models and not only is there absolutely no overheating issue even when shooting outdoors in hot and humid tropical climes under direct sunlight, the battery life of the GHs models have nothing been short of exemplary and allowed me to shoot for up to two hours continuously without pause and without need to change batteries. At the end of the day, having the right tool to do the job right is a primary consideration when choosing a camera that can do HD or UHD video.